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The Montessori School in Chattanooga was started in 1973 and has had a great impact on the community.

Below are some testimonials from parents on their experiences, and that of their children, with the Montessori method.

As a Montessori School Alum, I’ve always known that I wanted to give my son the same learning opportunities that I had. The Montessori School taught me many things that I never would have learned if I had gone through a traditional school. 

We know all children are different – different outlooks, different spirits, different learning styles – this school caters to all differences. The entire staff encourages leadership skills and foster a love for learning. They teach peaceful conflict resolutions, and they model respect for the students. 

It’s amazing to see my son so excited to go to school every day!

Alexis Rogers

The Montessori style of teaching provides not only academic acceleration but also foundational skills for continued learning and thriving in life. We have definitely noticed our kids grow in important new abilities such as time management, self-starting to-do lists to tackle a goal, a continued curiosity to learn and the responsibility to take care of their own items.

It’s been amazing to see these foundational skills show up at home and I know these will stick with them the rest of their life in whatever career path they choose. I wish I had been able to go to a Montessori school when I was a kid!

   Mary-Scott and Luke Bogacz

My wife and I “stumbled” across Montessori when we were at a place where we had tried public schools and home school and were just trying to determine what was next for our kids. Someone asked us if we had ever heard of Montessori, so we scheduled a visit and were blown away. Our immediate response was, “Why doesn’t every school teach like this? Why has it taken us so long to hear about this?

We enrolled our oldest son first, and now have all four of our children at TMS. They are very different learners with different needs, but Montessori has been the right fit for each of them. We remind ourselves now that Montessori is a “hidden gem” and we try our best to educate those that we interact with on the Montessori way. We recognize that there are parents who are at the same crossroads we were three years ago. We hope to help better educate Chattanooga on the benefits of Montessori and The Montessori School.

Darryl Smith

The aspect of Montessori education that I find most irreplaceable is the appreciation for order, for concentration, and for the natural beauty and intricacy of things around us. I think children really do WANT to focus, and to study and examine things, and Montessori feeds right into that tendency and away from distractions. The three hours per day of structured classroom activity have been so crucial to helping us shape our boys into curious, cooperative, polite and imaginative kids. They love their school, and as we move away for jobs in a new city, we will be looking for a Montessori school as well-equipped with staff, leadership, materials and community as this one. We will be lucky indeed to find it.

THANK YOU to the staff of TMS for getting our boys off to such an amazing start! We will miss you!!

Kourtney Santucci, MD Pediatric Hospital Medicine and Complex Care

As the old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We are very happy to say that Montessori was a very important part of the “village” that helped Lucas become a toddler full of happiness, a boundless fascination about the wonderful world that surrounds him, and an endless curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering its secrets.

 Thank YOU!

Ines, Luis, and Lucas‎ Nascimento