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Toddler Wish List

Broom & Mop Stand                                                  $73.00 PURCHASED

Family Celebrations & Holidays                                 $22.00 PURCHASED

Little Toolbox                                                            $44.00 PURCHASED

Spatial Concept Sorter                                               $51.00 PURCHASED

Wild Animal Stamps                                                  $27.00 PURCHASED

Geometric Shapes Stamps                                         $19.00 PURCHASED

Babu Rocker                                                               $35.00 PURCHASED

Match and Roll Shape Sorter                                      $30.00 PURCHASED

Fabric Matching Lesson                                               $30.00 PURCHASED

Rocking Chair (x3)                                                       $40.00 (each)

Cultures of the World Theme Box                               $76.00 PURCHASED

Families Theme Box                                                    $76.00 PURCHASED

Families Book Set                                                        $50.00 PURCHASED

Seasons and Weather Theme Box                               $76.00 PURCHASED

Seasons and Weather Book Set                                    $50.00 PURCHASED

Community and Careers Theme Box                         $76.00 PURCHASED

Community and Careers Book                                     $50.00 PURCHASED