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Practical Life

June 1-5, 2020

  • Mmmm, how juicy! You’ll need an orange, a manual juicer, and a cup.
    • Wash the orange.
    • Slice the orange in half.
    • Use 1 orange half and center it on the tip of the manual juicer.
    • Twist the orange around until there is no more juice coming out of the fruit.
    • With 2 hands, pick up the juicer and pour into the cup.
    • Make juice for the rest of the family. Drink and enjoy!
  • Explore the wonders of buoyancy. You will need to gather: a large bowl half filled with water, a small towel for drying, and a tray/large towel to put underneath. (See below.) Explore your home to find 5 – 10 small objects that will fit inside your large bowl. Pose this question: “I wonder which objects will float or which will sink? What do you think?”
    • Place one object at a time in the water and discover what it does.
    • Separate to one side of the bowl those that floated, to the other side, those that sank.
    • Use your small towel to dry your objects when you are ready to clean up.
    • Leave the same objects for another turn and see if your child can remember what happened.
    • Extend the experiment by figuring out why each object did what it did.
  • Set up a special place like the one below for your child to groom themselves. Put a mirror at reachable height and place a hairbrush or comb on the shelf or in a basket nearby. You could include supplies like hair clips, headbands, or hair ties. Remember if you introduce something new to your child, show them how to use it properly and – keep it simple!