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Wish Lists

Middle School Wish List

Pottery Wheel                                                                $190.00 PURCHASED Pottery Clay                                                                   $30.00 PURCHASED Pottery Tool Kit                                                             $27.00 PURCHASED Shelves (x12)                                                                    $4,800.00 ($400 each) Asus Transformer Tablet                                                $250.00 Sewing Cabinet                                                              $150.00 PURCHASED Sewing Cabinet                                                              $150.00 PURCHASED… Read More »Middle School Wish List

Upper Elementary Wish List

Floor Table (x2)                                                                $150.00 (each) Long Division Test Tube Lesson                                  $305.00  Stairs Exercise Math Lesson                                          $135.00 Checker Board Math Lesson (x2)                                $90.00 (each) Science Table                                                                   $645.00 … Read More »Upper Elementary Wish List

Lower Elementary Wish List

Ms. Sarah Partain’s Classroom Map Cabinet                                                                           $260.00 Long Division Material – Racks and Tubes                           $170.00 Sentence Analysis Chart and Box                                            $105.00 Moveable Alphabet                                                                 $60.00 SRA Reading Lab                                                                  $950.00… Read More »Lower Elementary Wish List

Preschool Wish List

Ms. Allison’s Classroom Small Number Rods with Tiles                                 $32.00 PURCHASED Trinomial Cube                                                         $135.00 PURCHASED Gears Puzzle                                                             $91.00 PURCHASED Continents – Set of 7… Read More »Preschool Wish List

Toddler Wish List

Broom & Mop Stand                                                  $73.00 PURCHASED Family Celebrations & Holidays                                 $22.00 PURCHASED Little Toolbox                                                            $44.00 PURCHASED Spatial Concept Sorter                                               $51.00 PURCHASED Wild Animal Stamps                                                  $27.00 PURCHASED Geometric Shapes Stamps                                         $19.00… Read More »Toddler Wish List