Who Was Dr. Maria Montessori?

At the San Francisco - Panama Exposition of 1915, a glass-walled Montessori classroom quickly became the most popular exhibit at the fair. As thousands of visitors stared, two dozen children remained absorbed with what they were doing, some of them remaining with the task long after the class moved on to communal projects. The children appeared to be discussing their work and helping each other like adults, although no child was more than six years old. The woman responsible for this remarkable classroom was Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy's first female physician.

Dr. Maria Montessoriís background in psychiatry, along with her remarkable, proven progress with special needs children, led her to develop and apply her principles to normal children. The results she achieved were so impressive, Dr. Montessori became known throughout the world. Since 1929, there have been Montessori schools in all of the inhabited continents. There are well over 3000 Montessori schools, public as well as private, in the United States today.

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